We invest in distinctive growth equity deals internationally, in addition we are representing unique founders to raise capital through transparent methods, setting new benchmarks in the capital raising industry.

Our community of investors generates profits by investing in exclusive founders' projects that align with their values and focus. Our founders benefit from high-quality service and unparalleled results, setting new benchmarks in the capital raising industry.

Since April 2020Headquaters & Incorporated in Miami, FL, USA
92% Success RateOur success rate in raising funds for our founders
16 Team MembersInternational YOBE Team Members
Raised More than $ Our International YOBE Team
$ InvestedFrom Our Own Funds

We Want More Transparency In Fundraising

Many startups lie, exaggerate the numbers, and straight out deceive investors out there to get funding.

This translates to:
👉🏻 Fear among investors
👉🏻 A sea of boring pitches and decks
👉🏻 Lack of good opportunities to founders

But thing is – Nobody should have fear when choosing projects to invest in.

Instead, things should be easy for both founders with brilliant businesses in mind and those who want to leave a legacy with their investments.

Because you just want to make money from your money and help entrepreneurs make money from their ideas.

That’s why we founded YOBE

To offer capital raising solutions full of transparency and passion so that founders and investors can find their perfect matches.

We’ll make you go from…

❌ Looking at dozens of boring decks from founders with dubious ideas and strategies…


✔️ Investing in companies that excite you, give you profit and make you look like the smartest investor in the room.

All while making the processes and negotiations easy-going for you.

These are the visionaries we are actually raising funds for

Our capital raising process

See step by step our process to be successful in your riasing

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First Step

We conduct a thorough evaluation of decks presented by founders in different sectors, meticulously screening for those that not only generate profit but also align with our fundamental principles and demonstrate outstanding potential for growth.

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Second Step

We initiate our due diligence procedure. Our rigorous selection process ensures that only a handful of companies are chosen based on their exceptional traits and promising potential for succeeding in the near future. Before even starting the conversation, we proactively reach out to our partners within their industry to ensure that there is genuine interest.

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Third Step

We provide top-notch consultancy services to help clients improve their presentation materials and create a winning strategy for raising capital. Our team of experts will do the implementation process, ensuring that your capital raising is a resounding success.

Get Started
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Fourth Step

We utilize a blend of email and social media marketing strategies to locate the optimal investors for your project. Once the strategy is set, we carry out a focused marketing plan that involves multiple ways of communication like virtual and personal meetings through five different approaches. These tactics are combined with our unique data, which includes information on around ten thousand investors.

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Fifth Step

Our proficient team of international investor relations will initiate contact with potential investors, organize introductory meetings, arrange in-person interactions, and actively participate in significant industry networking events to establish valuable networks for your company.

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Sixth Step

Our clients will now have the opportunity to connect with these investors who have a genuine interest in their company. This will lead to successful investment opportunities for our clients.

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Seventh Step

Our clients have now selected investors that have signed term sheet and ready to make the investment on their project. Because Yobe Team took care of their fundraising from A to Y and provided the clients with the opportunity to successfully secure investment from the investors they wanted to work with.

Thanks to a shared culture with Yobe, the founders have been able to wholeheartedly focus their time and effort on expanding their enterprise during the process. We reached our only goal.

What Makes Us Different?

With so many Tech companies out there looking for funds…

👉🏻 We’re transparent – We’ll tell you what our clients offer, how much revenue they have, who they work with – Everything straight away.

👉🏻 We care about our founders – Instead of working with many startups, we only represent a few clients we really care about – Companies that solve big real problems, work with experienced people and have feasible go-to-market strategies.

👉🏻 We invest our funds and ourselves in the companies we represent – To show how committed we actually are to seeing them succeed, we have a long time vision!

👉🏻 We focus on capital raising only – Most investment firms want to offer quite too many things at the same time – but we focus on one thing only so that we can offer you the best service ever.

International Certifications & Partners


Better Business Bureau®

YOBE was awarded the prestigious BBB certification, recognizing it with the highest note! The A+ 🏆

For more than 100 years, the Better Business Bureau has been helping people find businesses, brands and charities they can trust. In 2024, people turned to BBB Serving Southeast Florida & the Caribbean more than 6.2 million times as a resource for finding BBB Accredited Businesses.

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The Creative Room European Alliance aims to bring together international & European players to offer professional solutions, in line with European standards. Co-funded and accredited by the European Union.

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Sustain Harvests

SUSTAIN HARVESTS is an International Investors Club Deal designed to demonstrate the ability of stakeholders in investments chosen by a team of professionals to enhance and appease the short-, medium- and long-term support of project owners and well-informed investors.

Companies we have invested in and successfully raised their round

Our Investors Trust Us

“Kudos for running a very good business with transparency and ethics!”


“I am happy to look back on investing with you these last three years. You have always been outstanding – extremely conscientious and ethical”


“Thank you for taking such good care of me and contributing to my success. I am very impressed with the process and your efficiency of execution”


“I highly recommend Yobe Team if you really want your money to work for you. Great people to deal with: very professional and offer a fantastic level of personal customer service”


"Your diligence is why us investors trust you. You’re not out to make a quick buck, you’re looking after our best interest. Thank you!"


“I want to thank you so much for all your hard work researching and then bringing us these terrific deals. You are the best!”


Who we are.

We are a group of passionate individuals with a shared goal, vision and passion for transparency.


Yotis Tonnelier

Founder & CEO

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Cesare Pesci

Head of Investor Relations

Jose T Picture.jpeg

Jose Torrealba

Compliance Director

Untitled design (1).png

Gabriel Betancourt

Operation Director


Jorge Valderrama

Marketing Manager

Christian Arangiz.jpeg

Christian Aránguiz

Operation Associate


Santiago Amuchastegui

Marketing Associate

Alessandro Bozzini Picture.jpeg

Alessandro Bozzini

Investor Relations Associate

Arnold E. Nazur.jpeg

Arnold E. Nazur


Where we are located

International coverage, optimal return

Miami Headquarter's Office

2980 McFarlane Rd, Suite 101,
Miami, 33133, USA

France Office

92 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France

Saudi Arabia Office

Riyadh (Opening in Q4 2024)

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YOBE Headquaters2980 McFarlane Rd, Suite 101,33133, MiamiUnited States

We are located in the heart of Coconut Grove across the street from CocoWalk.

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2980 Mcfarlane Road, Miami, Florida 33133, United States

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